Adam Warner – Owner


Adam is an experienced real estate agent, renovator, property and project manager with eight years of experience under his belt. He has overseen the negotiation, purchase, renovation, and sale of over 150 properties in central Florida. Adam has worked with a wide variety of real estate properties from small investments to large fantasy homes and commercial buildings. As a master buying agent, Adam negotiated the purchase of over 150 homes in the last 8 years. Prior to the start of Pineapple Farms, Adam was recognized numerous times nationally for his buying skills. He has extensive practice with both negotiation and renovation which has made him an expert at optimizing projects for efficiency, meeting deadlines, and staying within budgets.

As your buying or selling agent, he has developed profoundly effective selling skills which have maximized returns for his clients. Through his diverse history with Real Estate, Adam has had the opportunity to meet and work with dozens of investors from all over Florida, the United States and Internationally to accomplish their goals. As a result, he has the skills necessary to evaluate and execute the individual aspirations of each investor who he works with.