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Pineapple Farms Sells Homes

Pineapple Farms Real Estate is a full-service real estate company.  We negotiate purchases and list primary homes, offices and investment properties.  In addition, the company acquires and sells real estate for its own use.

Pineapple Farms is increasing in popularity in the Brevard County, Florida real estate market. Experts at buying houses, repairing, remodeling and reselling them, the company’s management is always looking for interested investors who are interested in profiting from its expertise in all areas of real estate. Pineapple Farms Founder, Adam Warner, has a talent for helping interested home buyers find that perfect Florida home in beautiful Brevard County.

Great Deals for Both Buyers and Sellers

Adam has extensive experience finding homes for individuals and families in warm, scenic Melbourne. An expert in the local real estate market, he has increased Melbourne homes sales for his company significantly over the last year by matching buyers and sellers so that each can benefit from a lucrative real estate deal. Recognized as a skilled agent and consultant, Adam has an unmatched knowledge of the central Florida real estate market and is able to effectively help both buyers and sellers close deals expanding central Florida’s already attractive communities.

Why Choose the Space Coast?

Located halfway between Jacksonville and Miami, Florida’s Space Coast is right on the Atlantic Ocean and has numerous tourist attractions. Melbourne, a large city in central Brevard County, has seen home sales increase over the last 2 years, thanks in part to the success of Pineapple Farms. The area is known as the Space Coast because of its proximity to the John F. Kennedy Space Center. The county, with its population of over a half million people, even has the area code 321 as in 3-2-1 lift off. Residents have found the Space Coast a wonderful place to live with excellent roads, schools and activities.

Scenic Waterways and Wildlife

The breathtaking Atlantic Coastal Waterway which runs along the edge of Brevard County is the major water-route through the area. Helping to spur Melbourne homes sales are the lovely lakes and rivers that make up the waterway and enhance the beauty of the properties in the area. Conservationists in Brevard County work together to preserve the wetlands in the area, control pollution and preserve the wildlife. With 16 municipalities in the county where the temperatures are mild most of the year and the warm ocean breeze generates an atmosphere of calm serenity.

Melbourne home sales continue to increase as Adam Warner and his team use their talents in remodeling, renovating and rebuilding properties in the area to create beautiful new homes for central Floridians. Few industry professionals have the level of expertise that Adam and his team possess when it comes to giving people the homes they want in the communities they love.

If you are looking to buy in Brevard County, now is a better time than ever! If you are looking to sell, we can help with that, too!

As your exclusive Brevard real estate firm, Pineapple Farms can help you understand the local market conditions, schools, and demographics to give you a better picture of which locations are best for you.

We are licensed Realtors with a wide breadth of real estate experience and skills you will need in order to compete and succeed in the active Brevard real estate market.

For more information on our real estate brokerage, feel free to contact us today.