As the founder of Pineapple Farms puts it, “Real estate runs in my genes. My dad was a carpenter and managed a 12 unit apartment complex on a tight budget and built the house that we called home in northern Michigan from the ground up before he became a pastor.”

Taking after his father, one summer Adam Warner, founder of Pineapple Farms, sold a motorcycle to purchase a lawn mower and took out a bank loan to purchase landscaping equipment. Adam had to borrow the farm tractor to travel between jobs, pulling the mower behind it.

Driven by a passion for business and the confidence of youth, Adam went on in search of an investment. At  24, he bought his first investment property.  Since then he has built a business buying, selling, and flipping homes for profit. He also has partnered with several large, national real estate companies to oversee various project management tasks.

This and may other unique  experiences has taught Adam the value of hard work and the concept of building equity which would eventuality lead to the founding of his own full service real estate brokerage in 2011, Pineapple Farms, which encompasses the buying and selling of real estate, renovations, project management and investing.