Pineapple Farms Finance allows our partners who are interested in investments secured by real estate to participate in projects without having to get their hands dirty.

Why Invest in Pineapple Farms?

Real estate investing can be an exciting venture, but it is important to work with a reputable company like Pineapple Farms to help formulate a successful real estate investment strategy.

Nearly 10 Years of Experience

Pineapple Farms founder Adam Warner is highly experienced in real estate investing, property renovation, and managing all aspects of a project. He has overseen the negotiation, purchase, renovation, and sale of more than 200 central Florida properties over the last decade.  Pineapple Farms has experience working with investors that are local, state wide, across the country and even internationally to raise capital for the purchasing of properties.  Warner and his team are in the business of making 1st time investors repeat partners as they happily earn returns far above traditional yields.

Why Invest in Central Florida Real Estate?

Central Florida has a lot to offer those who are interested in prime real estate investing. Home to 250 square miles of federally protected wildlife refuges, the area includes the breathtaking Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, the gorgeous Canaveral National Seashore as well as the renowned St. John’s National Wildlife Refuge and the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge. Area residents enjoy hiking, boating, wildlife viewing, bird watching and other environmentally friendly pastimes.

In addition, economic prospects are promising. The real estate market in Central Florida has grown almost 40% since 2012. While many projects at NASA have discontinued, defense contractors are still growing in Brevard and include several Fortune 500 company facilities including Harris and Lockheed Martin.

The Process

Pineapple Farms is uniquely equipped to facilitate returns by handling the entire process “in house” from start to finish.  Investors can breath easy as Pineapple Farms takes the investment through the following process.


  1. Evaluating local, regional, and national market trends,
  2. Locating promising investment properties,
  3. Assessing comparable property values,
  4. Negotiating the purchase of a property,
  5. Working with a Title Company & Attorney to oversee all documentation is correctly recorded & properly executed to protect our partners.

(Pineapple Farms- CONSTRUCTION)

  1. Pulls all permits required to do renovations within the municipality
  2. Formulates a renovation plan with correlating schedule & receives all pre-work bids
  3. Oversees subcontractors to make sure the necessary updates & renovations are completed to a property which build the most equity


  1. Negotiating the lease or sale of the property
  2. Preform long term Property Management
  3. Secure and execute long term funding

At the end of the day our partners need to feel safe.  We believe that we have created a culture and company that excels at taking calculated risks that maximizes earnings while minimizing the risk.  We at Pineapple Farms are proud to say that in spite of doing business in a market that was nationally ranked near the top in foreclosures we have never turned a house back over to a lender, had a dead in lieu or missed a payment.

For more information on our services or becoming a partner please contact us.